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Meet Leonitus, a sweet 5 and a half year old man cat looking...more
"Leonitus", Male, 5Yrs 9 Months   buff DMH Cat 1296400
Meet Snoop, a sweet and gentle 5-year-old dog weighing just ...more
"Snoop Dogg", Female, 5Yrs 1 Months   black/tan Mix Dog 1448391
Milo is a 1.5-year-old domestic cat looking for a new home w...more
"Milo", Male, 1Yrs 8 Months   tan/brown DSH Gray Cat 1497007
Meet Mila, a 3-year-old girl who weighs approximately 50lbs....more
"Mila", Female, 3Yrs 4 Months   blonde Mix Dog 1545759
Meet Charlotte, a delightful 4-year-old lady with a gentle s...more
"Charlotte", Female, 4Yrs 3 Months   black/white Mix Dog 1550626
Sadie’s foster family just loves her, and they have learned ...more
"Sadie", Female, 2Yrs 1 Months   Gray Smoke Mix Dog 1557819
Meet Wallace, he`s a 1 year old boy weighing in at 56 pounds...more
"Wallace", Male, 1Yrs 1 Months   Black Mix Dog 1557981
Meet Tater, a super sweet 4 year old boy weighing in at 38 p...more
"Tater", Male, 4Yrs 1 Months   tri colored Mix Dog 1558267
Hi there! Let me introduce you to Dude, a very handsome and ...more
"Dude", Male, 4Yrs 1 Months   tan Mix Dog 1558883
Introducing the sweetest girl there is Grizelda! She is an 8...more
"Grizelda", Female, 0Yrs 9 Months   tan/black Mix Dog 1559690
Meet this big friendly dog Clifford! He is a 2 year old boy ...more
"Clifford", Male, 2Yrs 1 Months   red/white Mix Dog 1559859
This absolute sweetheart is Sugar! She is around 7 years old...more
"Sugar", Female, 7Yrs 1 Months   Calico DSH Cat 1560002
Meet Amaya, a tenderhearted one year old weighing at just un...more
"Amaya", Female, 1Yrs 0 Months   brown/white Mix Dog 1560196
Meet Nesta, a neat 2-year-old lady weighing just under 60 po...more
"Nesta", Female, 2Yrs 0 Months   brindle/white Mix Dog 1560620
Meet Miss Twix, a 2 year old girl weighing in at 46 pounds! ...more
"Miss Twix", Female, 2Yrs 0 Months   brown/white Mix Dog 1560867
Meet Chilli, the sweetest 3 year old girl weighing in at 52 ...more
"Chilli", Female, 3Yrs 0 Months   merle Mix Dog 1561016
This handsome man is Melvin. He is a 65 pound, 2-year-old sw...more
"Melvin", Male, 2Yrs 0 Months   red/white Mix Dog 1561872
Introducing the sweetest boy Aspen! He`s a 6 month old boy w...more
"Aspen", Male, 0Yrs 6 Months   black/white Mix Dog 1562803
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Shelter Location:   1640 S. Armstrong Rd
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Shelter Phone:   (479)-444-3456
Shelter Hours:  
If you have questions or need additional information please call the Animal Shelter.

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