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Hi there! Meet the sweetest blue-eyed-boy ever, Smokey. Smok...more
"Smokey ", Male, 1Yrs 11 Months   brindle/black Mix Dog 1538785
Meet Mila, a 3-year-old girl who weighs approximately 50lbs....more
"Mila", Female, 3Yrs 3 Months   blonde Mix Dog 1545759
Meet Theo, a zany 1-year-old boy weighing around 40 pounds. ...more
"Theo", Male, 1Yrs 1 Months   black/tan Mix Dog 1552008
Meet Arnold, the charming five-year-old dog with a heart of ...more
"Arnold", Male, 5Yrs 1 Months   brown/white Mix Dog 1552917
Meet Trusty, the most loyal companion anyone could ask for. ...more
"Trusty", Male, 1Yrs 1 Months   black/tri Mix Dog 1554427
Introducing Clementine! A bouncy 1 year old girl weighing in...more
"Clementine", Female, 1Yrs 0 Months   tan Mix Dog 1555086
Introducing this spunky boy Sir Didymus. He is 2 years old w...more
"Sir Didymus", Male, 3Yrs 0 Months   Black Mix Dog 1555357
Meet Miss Abu, part of our 7 little monkeys! Rescued from a ...more
"Abu", Female, 0Yrs 2 Months   Black Mixed Breed Dog 1556117
Meet Miss Boots, part of our 7 little monkeys! Rescued from ...more
"Boots", Female, 0Yrs 2 Months   Black Mixed Breed Dog 1556118
Meet Mr. Marcel, part of our 7 little monkeys! Rescued from ...more
"Marcel", Male, 0Yrs 2 Months   Black Mixed Breed Dog 1556119
Hi there! My name is Sasha and I am a bashful yet very silly...more
"Sasha", Female, 5Yrs 0 Months   tan/red Mix Dog 1556271
Meet Chipper, a handsome 3-year-old weighing 71 pounds. Chip...more
"Chipper", Male, 3Yrs 0 Months   tan/white Mix Dog 1557210
Beef Cake, a 2-year-old, 71-pound lovable giant, is ready to...more
"Beef Cake", Male, 2Yrs 0 Months   brindle Mix Dog 1557385
Meet this wonderful girl Winnie! She is a 3 year old weighin...more
"Winnie", Female, 3Yrs 0 Months   brown Mix Dog 1557810
Hi there! Meet the sweetest 2 year, 60 pound girly named Sad...more
"Sadie", Female, 2Yrs 0 Months   Gray Smoke Mix Dog 1557819
Meet Miss Dunkin! The sweetest 4 month old baby weighing in ...more
"Miss Dunkin", Female, 0Yrs 4 Months   tan Mix Dog 1557824
Meet Stellan, the strikingly handsome guy looking to embark ...more
"Stellan", Male, 1Yrs 0 Months   black/brown Mix Dog 1557849
Introducing this beautiful lady Piper! She is a 1 year old g...more
"Piper", Female, 1Yrs 0 Months   brown/white Husky Dog 1557861
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Shelter Location:   1640 S. Armstrong Rd
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Shelter Phone:   (479)-444-3456
Shelter Hours:  
If you have questions or need additional information please call the Animal Shelter.

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