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"Bub", Male, 2Yrs 8 Months   red merle Corgi Dog 1165054
"Big Dawg", Male, 2Yrs 10 Months   tan Shar-Pei Dog 1259488
This pretty baby girl is Akira and she is about 3 months old...more
"Akira", Female, 0Yrs 3 Months   red merle Great Pyrenees Dog 1281326
Male, 1Yrs 0 Months   blue/white Pitbull Dog 1281420
Male, 8Yrs 0 Months   blue merle Australian Cattle Dog Dog 1281439
Female, 0Yrs 3 Months   red Shepherd Dog 1281453
Male, 1Yrs 0 Months   Black Labrador Retriever Dog 1281470
Male, 0Yrs 8 Months   Black Labrador Retriever Dog 1281518
Female, 0Yrs 6 Months   white/tan Terrier Dog 1281611
Male, 1Yrs 0 Months   blonde Labrador Retriever Dog 1281667
Female, 6Yrs 0 Months   Pitbull Dog 1281673
Male, 1Yrs 0 Months   Black Chihuahua Dog 1281695
Male, 2Yrs 0 Months   fawn/white Beagle Dog 1281795
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Shelter Location:   1640 S. Armstrong Rd
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Shelter Phone:   (479)-444-3456
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If you have questions or need additional information please call the Animal Shelter.

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