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Hello I am Georgia I was abandoned and never got reclaimed. ...more
"Georgia", Female, 11Yrs 7 Months   black/white Shih Tzu Dog 420084
This super sweetie is Toffee and she is around a year and a ...more
"Toffee", Female, 1Yrs 6 Months   orange/white DSH Orange and White Cat 1237433
This sweetie is Smalls! She is about 5 years old and looking...more
"Smalls", Female, 5Yrs 0 Months   black/white DSH Cat 1254171
This beauty is Beatrice! She is 6 and a half years old and l...more
"Beatrice", Female, 6Yrs 6 Months   Tabbie-Brown DLH Cat 1254474
Meet Wally! Wally is a 1 year old, 33lb male. Wally is a won...more
"Wally", Male, 1Yrs 1 Months   brindle/black Mixed Breed Dog 1283876
This absolute sweetheart is Melinda and she is around 3 year...more
"Melinda", Female, 3Yrs 1 Months   black/white DSH Cat 1319000
This sweet little girl is Annie Belle. She is about 3 month...more
"Annie Belle", Female, 0Yrs 3 Months   Black Labrador Retriever Dog 1320630
This super nice dude is Will and he is about 8 years old. He...more
"Will", Male, 8Yrs 1 Months   Tabbie-Brown over White DSH Cat 1321183
This sweet girl is Sundae!! Sundae is a year old kitty who w...more
"Sundae", Female, 1Yrs 0 Months   buff/white DSH Cat 1322082
This sweetheart is Alaska! She is about 6 months old and is ...more
"Alaska", Female, 0Yrs 6 Months   Tabbie-Brown over White DSH Cat 1322083
Meet Javy! Javy is a 2 year old, 90lb male. Javy is a very a...more
"Javy", Male, 2Yrs 6 Months   white Mixed Breed Dog 1322150
Pardon me, but do you have a cookie? I`m Wes, a ten month ol...more
"Wes", Male, 0Yrs 10 Months   white/black Mixed Breed Dog 1322376
This handsome cat is Eli and he is a little over a year old....more
"Eli", Male, 1Yrs 0 Months   black/white DSH Cat 1322440
Introducing the Hero of Time, now in dog form! No, not shado...more
"Link", Male, 1Yrs 1 Months   tan/white Mixed Breed Dog 1323158
Hello I am Laura! I am about a year old, and roughly 50 poun...more
"Laura", Female, 1Yrs 0 Months   brindle Mixed Breed Dog 1324187
Meet Harvin! Harvin is a 3 year old, 58lb male. Harvin would...more
"Harvin", Male, 3Yrs 0 Months   tri colored Mixed Breed Dog 1324323
This shy sweetheart with the handsome blue eyes is Titan and...more
"Titan", Male, 2Yrs 0 Months   Tabbie-Silver DSH Cat 1324385
This large handsome, no tailed guy is Bobby Boy and he is ab...more
"Bobby Boy", Male, 3Yrs 0 Months   Tabbie-Orange DSH Cat 1325014
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Shelter Location:   1640 S. Armstrong Rd
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Shelter Phone:   (479)-444-3456
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If you have questions or need additional information please call the Animal Shelter.

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